Gist lover the popular Nigerian Instagram blogger, is he/she a Nigerian? well, that information is yet to be confirmed.

In details;

Let’s get straight into the business of the day. Word on the web is that the almighty gist lover who is responsible for so many Nigerian celebrities’ high blood pressure and traumatized mental health has been apprehended by the Nigeria Police force 5 days into the new year. We can say the Nigerian police are giving the new year new energy with a big vibe.

To be honest most Nigerians thought apprehending gistlover was a dream that wouldn’t come to pass, some Nigerians love gistlover for juicy gossip about the Nigerian elite, giving us undeniable videos and voice notes to back the contents posted on the Instagram blog back to back. Chill – why do we love to hear the dirty secrets of celebrities?  I guess we all love a good gossip and gistlover knows exactly how to deliver the gist to us just as we love.
Some people may say they don’t like gist lovers’ content because it’s intruding on people’s privacy but we all know they enjoy the gist and they hate the fact that they love her but what can they do, they can’t fight their desire. So, let them keep living in delusion if it keeps them happy.
APC Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force gave an update. He revealed that 3 male suspects namely Adebukola Kolapo, Nnedum Micheal Sometomchukwu, and Isaac Akpokighe ages 27, 25, and 30. They were arrested by the Nigerian Police Force based on intel provided to them by The Nigeria Police Force National Cybercrime Center, acting on a petition at the instance of Hon and Doctor Mrs. Seye Oladejo in connection with a case of Conspiracy, Cyberstalking, and threat to life.

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Nigeria Police Force statement reads;

“Upon arrest the suspects revealed their various degrees of involvement in the conspiracy, corroborating the already available overwhelming evidence. The first suspect Adebukola Kolapo a.k.a Omo oba Gistlover was responsible for the creation of over 80 percent of the Gistlover pages. Thereby lending his digital footprint for the perpetration of the aforementioned criminal act. Being on the payroll of the said platform and having enjoyed incentives like car gifts and monies. Adebukola was saddled with the responsibility of scouting, editing, and captioning content including the cyberstalking post made against the complainant, Hon., and Dr. Mrs. Oluseyi Oladejo.

Adebukola has also contributed to laundering monies gotten from the illegal scheme through various means. In more developments, digital Forensic analysis led to the recovery of eight (8) gist lover pages created on the instruction of the head of the syndicate by Adebukola, and wallet addresses used in laundering these monies.”

In conclusion

Some Nigerian celebrities were relieved and gladdened by the news of Gistlover’s arrest, finally, the government was able to do what they couldn’t after so many relentless attempts.
However, gistlover has released a post on Instagram letting us know the guys will be out soon. So, there is no cause for alarm.
We can vividly see that Gistlover’s motto for the year is no gree for anybody.

Thank you for reading and remember to breathe, smile, and speak up. Practice peace but no gree for anybody.

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