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Muslims around the world love to admit that they look forward to Ramadan, it has been revealed in the Islamic holy book that Ramadan is a highly spiritual month and has great significance to every Muslim.

To the common man Ramadan is a month where Muslims prioritize their faith, try to be on their best behavior, avoid conflict, and promote peace. But the fasting Muslims know there’s way more to the holy month of Ramadan than all that has been mentioned, they know this is the month where if you snooze you lose.

It is the 10th day of Ramadan today, some fasting Muslims are glad it’s 10 days already while others don’t feel the same way because it’s just 10 days.

Below are the reality of an average Muslim in Ramadan:

Choosing between comfort and starvation

Nothing teaches a Muslim decision making even when presented with the relaxing pleasure and comfort sleep brings than having to decide to wake up and eat or keep sleeping and spending the whole of the fasting day thinking about why you made such a decision

The urge to keep drinking – trying to fit an ocean in your tummy

Muslims all over the world fast for eleven to sixteen hours during Ramadan, this is a long time to stay away from food and water. This reality subconsciously feeds the urge to drink as much water as possible but not every muslim knows excessive water consumption isn’t the only way to stay hydrated during the fasting hours.

The stomach notification

You know that grumbling sound your stomach makes when you haven’t eaten in a while, and it sort of disappears after eating, while during fasting the sound comes over and over again and you can’t do anything to stop it until sunset.

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The Taraweeh Plug

Finding a mosque whose taraweeh duration suits you in Ramadan can never be overemphasized, it is like finding a barber who gives a perfect cut every time. Knowing the imam at the mosque will always be on top of his game will motivate your consistency.

Footwear Risk

We must have seen notices on the walls of some parking spaces that read “cars parked at owner risk” Well during Taraweeh prayers footwear kept outside the mosques is exclusively at owner risk those footwear can disappear faster than the disappearing messages on WhatsApp.


Well some Muslim sisters can act like they wouldn’t enjoy the break of a few days they will be getting not too fast in Ramadan, but we chose to believe what we want to believe.

Diet Decline

After the first 10 – 15 days of Ramadan, most Muslims lose the chef energy in them and gradually move from making delicious well-decorated delicacies for Sahur and Iftar to making plain and fast meals like noddles At this point most Muslims are no longer eating to nourish, they are eating for continuity and survival.

Eid morning awkwardness

The feeling you get after eating when the sky is bright sky, then you realize you haven’t committed any sin and eating during the day is now acceptable, that feeling can only be felt. it’s like being caught fornicating with your wife.

Thank you for reading, share your thoughts on Ramadan with us in the comment session.

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